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May 2015
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Gillian [userpic]

Converse All-Stars Chuck Taylors are not cool anymore. They are just as 'hep' as air fucking jordons. Nike moved all manufacturing to Asia, and the very last sneaker made in the US? Fucking Converse All Stars, and I think they were union too, but I'd have to find my last pair to check. So when Nike bought them? Now they're fucking nothing, just Nike shoes, so fuck off. You're all too damn young to be thinking they're cool anyway, fogies like me wore them in high school. If you're still thinking shit I did in high school was cool, you really need some updating.

Ok, some early 80s stuff is now back, we had to make our own skinny jeans back in the day! Are Chippewas cool again?  I am probably the most unfashionable person ever, but I'd love to be able to dress like I did in 1982-3.

Also, good advice from Mr Waits: Never drive a car when you're dead.

Yes, I'm hopeless, thank you.


Beyond confused.

Ok, Converse All Star shoes were one of the shoes of choice for punks when I was in high school, '81 to '83. And they remained so for years. Probably because they were cheap and seemed very old fashioned. (I had no idea they were really pro-basketball shoes for so long!) And punks then, at least, the ones I was around, mostly had social/political beliefs and were to the left of most of the world.

So then Nike, in 2003, acquires the brand and the last major tennis shoe to be manufactured in the US goes to Asia. Now it's not just that I want people in the US to have decent factory jobs, it's also because I want what I buy to be regulated so it is not bad for the environment, the workers, and no children are involved, etc. And so for people who care about such things the All Stars should no longer be a cool shoe. And Billie Joe Armstrong and people like him should fucking know better.

There's also the fact that Nike is such a scummy company, which is weird since they're based outside of Portland, OR. And the metro area around there is very lefty-comsymp-pinko-treehugger.

And the line from Mr Tom Waits was just what I was listening to at the time and I love that line. He's so wonderfully surreal at times.

Does this making sense now? Feel free to ask again if it isn't, or isn't the part that was confusing. One of the reasons I don't post much is I think people won't understand because I blather when tired/sick. Ok, I will admit I blather anyway :)

Ahhhh, I think I get it. I had a school uniform which was strict.


We had to wear flats so I have no idea what those are at all. Cool shoes for us were http://www.keds.com/en/women-styles-slipons/.

And I googled Billy Joe Armstrong, interesting guy. Of course, my knowing of contemporary music is limited to the Middle East charts, I'm trying to limit English music while here so my accent gets better.

It's interesting to listen to you, new perspective.

Well I wrote another stream of consciousness rant but I have been Informed that people don't take treatment of workers into account. So I figured can't just be me, must be at least family if not Berkeley/Bay Area in the seventies and eighties thing. So asked Sister and she said fuck no, I don't think things are cool if .... And I asked was it just us (our dad the history teacher and union member, mom drove trucks for the recycling company and is a master gardener). She said no, wasn't just us, so I said Berkeley thing? She said yes. So Berkeley thing!

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing! I might have misquoted that a bit :) And really, there's barely anything I can do in my condition than to watch where I spend. I can't even do that very well.

Hugs, that's why I left the US. I figured my time of being able to do something was limited, and I wanted that very limited time to do something that mattered to me.

So tell yourself when you could, you did. That's all we can do.