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May 2015
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Gillian [userpic]
An Open Letter to White America, Particularly White Youth by Dr. David J. Leonard

This is a link to huffpo, which I hate, but this guy so got every damn point! He didn't leave any wiggle room. Not that he won't get the same old stupidities and arguments in response but I loved the way he just said No, we're not talking about that, or that, or that, this is bad, and we aren't going off on a tangent or let you minimize what this is. Linking Mr Smooth in the process of course. I really liked that he took the stuff about women and put it along side the race stuff, showing the parallels. I know a lot of my consciousness raising about race came from reading feminist blogs and realizing that every thing going through my head saying "it's not racist because..." was the same as the people saying "this isn't sexist because..." That was an amazing experience, as a person who grew up in Berkeley especially.

And I just clicked a link on the J. Smooth video to his video about why Polanski is an evil fucking rapist and no one should ever try and cover for him. Wow. I adore Mr J. Smooth.