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Gillian [userpic]
Man kills wife and kids, ex-gf and kids, and bystanders.

Do you know how often that happens? All the fucking time! Every day, I forgot the exact number but I found it once. Probably in the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics. So if you shoot more than two people that's a mass shooting. If you look at the mass shootings, guess what? Yup, lots of them start out as 'domestic' and I remember a couple that were stalking situations. What we have here is entitlement and guns! Ok, this is the first time I've seen something in a print medium, something more than a personal blog or in a feminist blog, saying it. In the Stranger, which is based in Seattle, there's an article on the link between the two. Hell, I read about this crap in Gift of Fear and a book by an old timey FBI profiler. He had some sexist attitudes but they noticed this fact. I wonder how many people have to die until someone does something about it? Or maybe how many 'innocent' people, ie not the woman who brought it on herself, or possibly innocent middle-class or white people have to die? Bitter, me?


Yes, very true about the soldiers in classrooms.

What's weird is you see guns here all the time. On buses, on trains, soldiers are walking around armed and it feels good to know that. I wish US had a system where nearly everyone got weapons training, the military trained people into heroes and all that. We are pretty scared here too, but maybe being around each other makes us stronger.

That's why I want my kids raised in Israel.