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Gillian [userpic]
Man kills wife and kids, ex-gf and kids, and bystanders.

Do you know how often that happens? All the fucking time! Every day, I forgot the exact number but I found it once. Probably in the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics. So if you shoot more than two people that's a mass shooting. If you look at the mass shootings, guess what? Yup, lots of them start out as 'domestic' and I remember a couple that were stalking situations. What we have here is entitlement and guns! Ok, this is the first time I've seen something in a print medium, something more than a personal blog or in a feminist blog, saying it. In the Stranger, which is based in Seattle, there's an article on the link between the two. Hell, I read about this crap in Gift of Fear and a book by an old timey FBI profiler. He had some sexist attitudes but they noticed this fact. I wonder how many people have to die until someone does something about it? Or maybe how many 'innocent' people, ie not the woman who brought it on herself, or possibly innocent middle-class or white people have to die? Bitter, me?


Glad I'll be moving to a country with far more sensible gun laws.

Israel? Do you know how much the suicide rate of Israeli soldiers went down when they stopped letting the soldiers taking their guns home for weekends (or requiring). I think it was 65%. That and what actually happened when they had people with guns in classrooms made arguing with gun nuts using The Israelis have guns in classrooms! argument much more fun.

Unless you meant England or Canada, which I'd just agree :)

I know my country very well.


One, the suicide rate was 28 and it was brought down 40% by gun control, mental health treatment and education.

What actually happened when they had guns in the classroom? Gun-related violence in Israel remains low by international standards. In 2009, the death rate as a result of gun use in Israel stood at 1.86 per 100,000 people. In the United States it was almost six times higher, with 10.3 gun related deaths per 100,000 people.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/170768/israel-has-fewer-guns-fewer-deaths-than-us/?p=all#ixzz2WbufiSfD

I feel confident in my home.

I wasn't saying you didn't know your country, I was showing off :) Got the suicide numbers wrong though.

The story I read about the classroom thing was in the 70s or 80s, terrorists were targeting classrooms and they had former very well trained and trusted soldiers in the classrooms for a while which stopped it pretty fast. I wonder if that article wasn't counting smaller incidents? Or where ever I read it was wrong but I'm pretty sure it was an Israeli source.

It actually looks like a majority of Americans want certain gun controls. The politicians won't listen to them, only to the money from the gun manufacturers lobby, ie the NRA.

The conclusion that Michael Moore came to, in Bowling for Columbine, was that Americans shoot more because they're more scared. And he talked to an author who wrote a book about the intentional ways the news media scare us. This may be the main difference between us and Canada but from what I've seen things like suicides, accidents, and unplanned intentional killing are just because there is a gun there. If they'd had to use something more physical it wouldn't have happened. Which I think is a good reason to keep guns either locked up, or just not let people keep them at home at all. And I've been collecting kids killing or being killed by accident with guns they find around the house stories too, boy is that more and more common. And the only form of homicide that's going up is domestic violence related. Unless you're in a gang you're much more likely to be harmed by someone you know, same as rape. Well, ok, not that gang members get raped, at least I don't know that they do. And oh god, the prison for profit is just so awful it's hard to even talk about.

Yes, very true about the soldiers in classrooms.

What's weird is you see guns here all the time. On buses, on trains, soldiers are walking around armed and it feels good to know that. I wish US had a system where nearly everyone got weapons training, the military trained people into heroes and all that. We are pretty scared here too, but maybe being around each other makes us stronger.

That's why I want my kids raised in Israel.